Bushey and Oxhey Infant School

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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA

Who's Who

Meet our staff team



Federation Headteacher

Mrs M. Cooper

Assistant Headteacher Mrs B. Impey
Reception Teacher, Toucan Class Miss A. Tarrant

Reception Teacher, Parrot Class

Miss C. Leach

Year 1 Teacher,  Meerkat Class

Miss C. Neulaender

Year 1 Teacher,  Penguin Class

Miss N. Stevens

Year 2 Teacher,  Zebra Class

Miss R. Kerr

Year 2 Teacher,  Giraffe Class and SENco

Miss S. Horton



PPA Cover Miss J. Hurt
Music Specialist Teacher Miss L. Caperon

Pastoral Lead

Mrs H. Shirley

Early Years Practitioner Mrs A. Dunne

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs C. Forty

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Oliver

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Liquori

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Harris

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Fox

Teaching Assistant

Mrs F. Ali

Teaching Assistant - Additional Support Mrs E. Bright

Specialist Teaching Assistant

Mrs R. Sherwood

Senior MSA Ms C. Romega
MSA Mrs N. Israel
MSA Miss S. Mags

Office Manager

Miss A. Klos

Senior Office Administrator Mrs T. Harrington
Senior Office Administrator

Miss A. Forster

Site Manager/Caretaker Mr B. Nicholson




Mrs J. Butcher

Cook Assistant

Ms V. Gill

Cook Assistant

Ms S. Lowe