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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week1: 25th February 2019

What a busy first week back we have had Meerkats. 


In Maths we have been using ' think 10' to help us solve our addition sums. This is where we add on some more to biggest number in our addition number sentence to get to ten and then add on what is left over. We have been looking at using the tens frames to help us create ten and then some more. Knowing our number bonds to ten has been very useful in helping us to use 'think 10' in our addition.   We have done lots of practice this week practically and recording in our book, focusing on showing how we got the answer. 


We have also been doing lots of SCIENCE as it has been SCIENCE WEEK. Our topic has been things that fly. First of all we started the week by sorting things into things that can fly and cannot fly. This started lots of interesting conversation about how things fly e.g. engines, air resistance, wind and forces. 


Then we went on to learn about aeroplanes. We learnt about the history of aeroplanes and the procedure the inventors took to improve the plane. Then without any instructions we made a paper plane and went out and flew our plane. After we discussed how we could improve our plane by making it thinner (to be more streamline), with a large point and big wings. Once we added these improvements to our plane we went out and tested if our plane flew further than the first time.


In D&T we designed and created our own Kites! We discussed the shape (why a kite could not be circular), the frame and what it would need to fly. After we created our kites we went out and tested to see if our kites would fly. 


Finally we finished the week with making parachutes. Here we created our own parachutes but attached different weights to each parachute.  We then tested the speed at which the parachute fell to the ground and learnt that the heavier the weight on the parachute the faster it would fall. We also discussed gravity and air resistance and how they play a part in the flying process.


In English we have been reading a book called 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. From this book we have been doing some letter writing to Floyd who is the main character in the book with our advice/ ideas of how we would get his kite unstuck from the tree. The Meerkat's came up with some fabulous ideas about how to get Floyd's kite out of the tree.


In Phonics we have been recapping some of our Set 2 and 3 sounds. We have been focusing on remembering to blend and segment when reading  words and not guessing. In addition to this we have been doing lots of practice with our alien words, blending and segmenting those as well. 



Next Weeks Learning............


- Subtraction with numbers to 20

- learning facts about Australia

- poetry

- world book day