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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH


This amazing science week we have been doing a huge number of experiments and investigations which have been great fun.

On Monday we started with an experiment with water lilies and discovered if the number of petals on a paper flower affect how long it takes to open on water. Then we got to go and meet Cosmic Caz who taught us all about air pressure, sound vibrations and showed us how to blow bubbles that don't pop.

We even got to make out own slime with PVA glue, Borax and Troll Boogies !

On Tuesday we got to go to bushey Manor and share an investigation with the Year 5 testing which shaped tea bags brew tea the fastest. We had a wonderful time and made some great friends in the class. We found that pyramid tea bags really are the best!

Wednesday we looked at our topic work and we created an experiment to test what happens if we do not give a plant the things it needs to grow. Next week we will have a look at what happens if you try to grow a plant in the fridge and in the dark as well as what happens when their is too much water.

On Thursday the year 5 class came down to Bushey and Oxhey and we did another experiment where we found out which type of tights were the stretchiest by either pulling them or filling them with heavy objects. This as great fun and we found out that the thinner the pair of tights the further they stretched. However we also discovered that after they have been stretched they don't go back to their original length!

We loved having our parent in the classroom with us on Friday to share our learning and to do our experiment ! It was wonderful fun and lots of great scientific conversations were happening!