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Week 9: 9th March 2020

Stars of the Day


Alex, Nancy, Amelie, Tommy, Ava, Gracie, Kashvini and Ava Grace


Well done to you all!



Another busy week in Jellyfish class!


We continued working on our collage pictures in Art this week. They're still not quite finished but they are going to look fantastic once they're done. They'll definitely be going up on display!


Our English skill this week was using commas in a list. We are very good at using 'and' so now we are thinking about how to use less of them and more commas. 


Last week we looked at life cycles in Science and read the beginning of a story called 'Tad'. We decided to use this learning (alongside our English knowledge) to write a letter to Tad the tadpole, explaining what will happen to her as she grows and changes in to a frog. We wrote an introduction, an explanation and then an ending to our letters and we spent a long time editing these too! We're trying really hard to make our sentence concise but still descriptive and informative so that our letters didn't go on for too long!


We looked at tally charts in Maths this week, creating our own about colours and then thinking of questions which other people had to answer for us. We also looked at some word problems, discussing and sharing how we would get to the answer in the easiest way and we practised our arithmetic skills too.


We had a special visit from Father Tim on Thursday afternoon. He is from St. James church in Bushey and he came to talk to us about the Easter story. He read the story to us and then spoke about how lots of everyday items have a connection to what happened. We are very lucky to have such close links with our local community.


Today (Friday) was of course all about sport! We completed a 20 minute run/jog/walk of the playground this morning. It definitely made our most competitive Jellyfish realise that it's about pacing yourself and not running as fast as you can!! We also had an afternoon of skipping - there was lots of practising going on and even the children noticed how quickly they and others improved the more they tried.


Have a lovely weekend everybody - let's hope the sunshine sticks around for a bit longer!


Also I just want to apologise quickly for the lack of photos on our class page last week and there not being many from this week but I misplaced my iPad somewhere in school! Luckily it turned up!