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Week 9 6.3.17

What an exciting week of learning O2 have had!


In maths this week, we focused on division as grouping. We were given problems to solve where we had to plan a party and write how many groups of children and objects we would need for various party games and treats. Next, we were given multiplication and division word problems and worked together to spot the words that would help us identify which mathematical operation to use.  We then used all the strategies we had been taught to solve each word problem and decide whether we needed to use multiplication or division to find the answer.


Towards the end of the week, we moved on to finding out about fractions. We discussed our previous knowledge of fractions and looked at the symbols and signs used to show halves and quarters. We then used a speaking frame to help us remember how to write fractions and emphasised the importance of all the parts being of equal size. Finally, we were given shapes that had been split into halves, quarters and thirds for us to identify the fraction and explain our findings.


In literacy this week, we continued to look at the story ‘The Dark’. We finished reading the story together and talked about the ending and whether it was what we had expected. We then looked in more detail at the descriptions of the dark in the book and how personification had been used to describe how it moved. We impressed Miss Horton with our own writing; describing the dark and using personification to enhance our descriptions.


After that, we looked at a poem by James Carter called ‘The Dark’. We read the poem together and shared our opinions and thoughts on the language used. We then compared the descriptions of the dark in the poem to that in the story, and thought about how both authors had used different words and adjectives to portray the dark very differently. Finally, we created banks of rhyming words associated with the dark to help us write our own poems using rhyme and adjectives to describe our feelings about the dark.


In geography this week, we began to look at the four countries of the United Kingdom. We started by focusing on Scotland and talked about the different cities and towns before plotting them on a map. We then read a Scottish myth about the Loch Ness Monster and many of us enjoyed sharing our opinions on whether Nessie really exists!


In science on Friday, Miss Mackenzie taught us all about different plants and their features. We planted our own seeds and read the instructions to find out the optimum conditions to allow them to grow. We are looking forward to watching them over the next few weeks to see how they grow!


Finally, we had our final PE practise ready for our gymnastics competition next week. We took turns to practise the routine and now feel confident to show Mrs Cooper our skills next week!


Well done on a fantastic week of learning!