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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 9: 5th November 2018

Welcome back after half term. We hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday. We have returned to school very busy as usual with lots of learning for the children.


On Monday we shared our half term news and the children all wanted to share their adventures with pictures and writing. Fireworks was a very popular topic and the children did lots of firework arts and crafts. We used a style of painting used by artist Jackson Pollock to create some firework pictures.


On Tuesday we talked about the importance of poppies and why poppies are being sold at school. We have shared stories based around the topic of remembrance and poppies. Each child created their own poppy which will be made into a wreath to be displayed in our school foyer.


On Wednesday and Thursday we talked about the festival of Diwali and the importance of this festival to some children and families within our school. The children created rangoli patterns from coloured rice and made divas out of clay. If there are any festivals throughout the year which you celebrate, and you wouldn’t mind coming in and sharing your experiences or any religious/cultural items which you may have, please let us know. The children really enjoy talking about different religions and cultures and this is a brilliant way for children to learn.


We started our new topic this week based around the story Stick Man. We have shared the story and have made our own Story S which helped us retell the story and remember key moments in the book. We will be continuing this topic next week and have lots of fun activities using sticks planned.

In Phonics we recapped the sounds we have already learnt and the children are picking these up really well. We then focused on blending these sounds together to read and the children are really gaining confidence in this tricky skill. We also taught the sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’. The children were brilliant at knowing that they make the same sound but can be written in different ways. Please see the formation for the k as we are now using the curly top of the k in our whole school writing policy.

Thank you for attending parents evening; I hope you found this meeting useful. If you have any more questions please come and see me soon, either before or after school. A few queries came up and I will be sharing ideas to help your child at home in regards to gross/fine motor skills and reading/phonics.


Over the weekend:

  • Please continue to collect sticks over the weekend. We need lots of them to be able to do all of the activities we have planned. We know that it is likely to be a wet weekend but please gather as many as you can and dry them inside. We will continue to collect them everyday next week. Thank you.
  • We have been learning about ‘what is a number’. Over the next couple of weeks please challenge your child to point out numbers that appear in the environment e.g. bus numbers, door numbers, prices. Any photos please bring into school or email to


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach and Mrs Forty