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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 9: 4th November 2019

We are continuing our earning around The Great Fire this week with a DT project. We learnt about the features of Tudor houses (jetty, beams) and how they built the houses (timber, wattle, daub). We wrote glossaries to help us remember these words. We then made mini paper models using nets to help us visualise the shape of a Tudor house and how the jetty works.

Then came the real hands on part. We worked in twos or threes to design and build our own model of a Tudor house out of all the cardboard that you have kindly collected and donated. We started with the basic shape of the building, making sure the up stairs was bigger than the down stairs. Then we made our houses white by painting or covering them in paper. Next came the beams, doors and windows. We have been trying hard to follow our original plan and use the methods that we decided on at the start. They are already looking fantastic and on Monday we are going to make an attach a roof!


Our Maths learning this week has been a continuation of addition and subtraction but using it in different ways. We recapped bar and part-whole models and using the language of whole and part. This then helped us to think about inverse and how knowing one number sentence (7+5=12)  can help us work out the three matching calculations (5+7=12, 12-7=5 and 12-5=7). Next, we moved this learning on to think about how this knowledge of inverse can help us find the missing number in a calculation (9+?=14 or 20-?=15). We are really working hard on making these links between our learning and being brave when sharing and explaining our thinking.


This half term we are lucky to have Mrs Charles with us each week to take our gymnastics lessons. This week we practise moves such as jump, rock and back support. Next week we are moving on to different types of rolls. 


It was so lovely to see you all at parents evening this week. Thank you all for being so supportive and engaged with your child's learning. You should all be very proud of how hard they have worked so far this year. Now they have to keep it up!


Have a lovely weekend!