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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 9 19.6.17

O2 have had a jam-packed week of sports and science fun!


On Monday, we began the week with an assembly led by Miss Mackenzie, our resident science expert. We thought about how sports and science were linked and were shown investigations carried out by scientists to give us a few ideas of the types of questions we could be investigating throughout the week.


Later that day, we began our first investigation; Mrs Cooper had asked us to find out which type of show would be best for her to run in at Sports Day. We looked at the different types of shoes available and made predictions about which would be best as a running shoe and why. We then tested our predictions by running two races; one wearing school shoes and the other wearing plimsolls. Most of the class found that they ran quicker wearing school shoes due to the grip and the fact that they were tighter and had ways of fastening to make them stay on. After discussing our findings, we then tested a variety of different shoes by pushing them down a ramp to see which had the most grip. From the results of both tests, we wrote letters to Mrs Cooper explaining what we had found and our recommendations that trainers would make a much better choice than high heels!


In our second science investigation this week, we designed our own questions that we would like to find the answer to. We had a wide range of questions, from ‘Do taller children jump higher than shorter children?’ to ‘What is the best material to make sports clothing from?’. We thought about how we could test our questions and then took part in tests in small groups to collect our results. We enjoyed sharing our findings with our friends and discussing why we didn’t all find the same answer.


Also this week, we took part in a whole school science investigation! Our question was looking at whether athletes may be better at some sports if they only used one eye, and the advantages and disadvantages of having a dominant eye. We completed three aiming activities using both eyes, our right eye and then our left eye, to find which eye was most dominant and to see in which situation we could aim more accurately. We can’t wait to find out the results from both schools next week!


Finally, O2 enjoyed an extremely hot but exciting day of activities and races at our annual Sports Day. We split into houses and competed in a variety of activities, including beanbag throwing, javelin and chest passing, before racing against our friends in a fast-paced running race! We had a wonderful time with our friends and family cheering us on and enjoyed a well-earned picnic afterwards.


What an exciting week- I am very proud of O2 for their scientific thinking and questioning!