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Week 9: 12th March 2018

Science Week


This week has been filled with investigations, problem solving and a variety of liquids!


On Monday we had a fun workshop with Cosmic Caz. She taught us about sound and vibrations, gravity, bubbles, explosions and slime. We learnt the glass is actually a liquid and that without gravity we would all be floating around.


On Tuesday, we walked up to Bushey Manor to carry out an investigation with Year 4. We dunked cotton wool balls in to different liquids, made predictions and then tested them to see if we were right. We found out that Coke turns cotton wool brown, cotton wool soaks up lots of oil and yoghurt just sits on the outside of cotton wool and doesn't soak in.


On Wednesday we had a little break from Science week as we had a visitor called Steve coming to see us. He came in to talk to us about Australia and it's animals and told us some traditional Dreamtime stories that the indigenous people tell. We helped him act these out too. He even played his didgeridoo!!


On Thursday we went back to Science week and Year 4 came to visit us this time. We tested to running speeds of different liquids and had great fun doing it. We tested ketchup, shampoo, washing up liquid and hand soap. Washing up liquid seemed to be the speediest with ketchup always coming in last.


Friday afternoon was great fun as many of you were able to come in and join us with some Science activities. The children had a chance to show of their knowledge and learning to you and enjoyed doing so. Thank you to all of you who could make it. Check out the photos if you couldn't be here.


Have a lovely weekend!