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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 9 07.11.16

This week we’ve had another busy week!


In Literacy, we having been learning about poetry; becoming detectives to identify key features e.g. rhyming words, repetition of words and the use of rhythm. We enjoyed reading different animal poems; we worked in groups to perform them to each other, adding actions and experimenting with voice and tone.  Willow the Witch set us a different challenge each day, she needed us to help her to write a new spell book as she had lost her own!  We began by writing a list of rhyming words and adjectives.  Then, we used these lists to create rhyming potion poems for our own poetry book for Willow to use.


During Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes, recognising and naming the shapes and identifying their properties e.g. sides and corners.  We then sorted the shapes into different groups, using Venn and Carroll diagrams and explained our choices.  Then, we enjoyed a problem-solving activity, working out which shape could be the odd one out, explaining our ideas with reasoning. 


In Topic and Science, we have been learning about the seven natural wonders of the world, discovering where they are in the world and why they are named a wonder!  Each group was assigned a wonder and then we worked together to create a piece of art to represent our wonder.  We used paints, pastels, tissue paper, foil to name a few materials.  Then, we enjoyed reading and discovering different facts about each wonder, including the weather, and seasons, recording our learning with drawings and writing.  We then combined this with our pieces of art to create posters which we will report and share to each other on Monday.


During PE, we have been learning gymnastics, this week we learnt a new knee roll and we combined this with under and over movements to create a sequence to perform to each other.


In Phonics, we have been learning vowel split digraphs; a_e, e_e and i_e.  The e is silent but turns the vowel into its letter name e.g. cake, even, time. 


Wow B1, what a fabulous week of learning, well done everyone!