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Week 9 06.03.17

After Book Week, we were excited to return to our text The Dark. We used personification to bring the dark to life, comparing it to a creature creeping around the house. It was great to see the detail the children were able to include in order to really make you feel that the dark was a person (who at times might even feel lonely in the gloomy basement!). We then compared two descriptions of the dark, one of which was a poem. Though comparison can be a tricky skill, the children were able to explain how the poem was much more light-hearted in its description, making you feel that you should not feel afraid of the dark as it was in fact the dark who was scared of the light! This actually helped us carry out a debate the next day to decide whether or not Laszlo should feel afraid of the dark. Our work on our poem continued as we identified rhyming words in order to write our own poem on Friday about the dark. We have some real poets in B2 who showed real skill in finding rhymes to describe the dark, either as a positive presence or a terrifying one!


In Maths this week, we used grouping to divide in the context of PE teams and partners. Getting into single file lines and partners helped us understand the value of grouping to divide by physically representing the calculation. We then worked on word problems, identifying whether to use multiplication or division. We acted problems out and drew them to help us spot whether we were making 'lots of' or 'sharing equally'. This is something we will continue to work on to help us apply our skills in context. Finally, we began our work on fractions, using a speaking frame to help us identify what a fraction was: a whole split into equal parts with some of the parts being of interest to us. It was great to see the children able to spot where the parts were not equal and where therefore there was no identifiable fraction. Very few fell into the trap of finding fractions where the parts were unequal so well done B2!


In PE this week, we continued our preparation for the gymnastics competition which is coming up next week. B2 vs O2 is our first competition taking place next Thursday. Needless to say, I am very confident that B2 will be successful and this week's lesson convinced me of this. The children were able to reproduce a routine in groups of 3 and 6 working together to synchronise their moves. We have been carrying out forward rolls into pike, teddy bear rolls into tuck positions, turns and jumps...all with great ease and expert gymnast starts and finishes. Go B2!!


In Science this week, we began our new topic of Plants and Growth. We discussed what we already knew (it turned out that was already quite a lot!) and what we wanted to find out. Among the questions we considered, these are just a few: why don't all plants grow flowers? Why do some plants need sticks to hold them up? How do plants get their colour? How long does a plant take to grow? This last question will be of particular interest after today's lesson during which each child in the class got to plant a different seed. The range of plants we will be growing is quite wide with beetroot, spring onion, nasturtiums, pumpkins, sunflowers, ... It will be interesting to see how differently they grow. We spent time looking at seed packets and their instructions working out when and where to sow each seed, how to take care of them and when to harvest them. We look forward to finding out more as the weeks go by but we plan to become expert gardeners who know all about plants and their growth!