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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 8: 6th Nov 2017

This week we have been thinking about the emergency services.

In Circle Times we have been discussing the different emergency services and how they help us, focussing mainly on firefighters this week. The children have enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be a firefighter, using large wooden blocks to build their fire engine. They have also written in their Literacy books about a person who helps them. The week ended with a very exciting trip to the fire station. 


The children were a credit to the School, and you, by walking to the Fire Station very sensibly. They listened to all the adults and crossed all the roads safely. The Fire Station filled our morning with fantastic experiences. We started by watching Mrs Forty dress up in a full firefighter uniform. She told us how heavy it felt. We then looked round the firefighter living quarters, including their living room and canteen. We then looked at a fire engine and got to sit inside it before going outside to watch Miss Leach stand in the ladder cage and be lifted 30metres in the air. The finale was squirting the hoses which the children all found great fun. 

In Phonics the children have continued to learn their sounds and are now practising blending these sounds together to read words. They have been using the sounds m a s d t to read lots of different words. A fun game that you could play with your children to help with blending is ‘Simon Says’. For example you say “Simon Says j-u-m-p” and then your child can try to blend these sounds to make the word ‘jump’ and then do the action. Playing with older siblings or family members can help support this learning. Have fun!


The children have really enjoyed talking about the fireworks they saw last weekend. They have created lovely firework pictures and have had a go at writing words that describe the sounds that fireworks make.


It may only be the beginning of November but the children are hard at work learning the songs for our Nativity production ‘A Miracle in Town’. They have enjoyed learning the words and actions to the songs and have been singing them during active learning.