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Week 8 27.2.17

It has been an exciting and inspiring Book Week in O2 this week!


To begin Book Week, we shared our text ‘The Story of Rosa Parks’ by Patricia Pingry. We listened to the story and asked questions to understand what life was like for Rosa. We then thought about how Rosa would feel at different points in the story, such as when she has just got married, after she had refused to move from her seat on the bus and when she found out that her actions had changed the law in an entire country. We came up with some insightful questions and ideas about the story and impressed Miss Horton with our understanding. Later in the week, we discussed in more detail what Rosa might have said when she was arrested and thought of synonyms for emotion words to help describe her thoughts and feelings.


Finally in literacy this week, Miss Horton told us that Mrs Cooper was thinking about changing the lunchtime rules so that all girls in the school would be allowed to go to lunch first! Some of us thought this was a wonderful idea, while others felt that it was would not work in our school. We held a debate to share our feelings and expressed our reasons and opinions with the rest of the class. We then used these ideas to write speeches to Mrs Cooper, sharing our views and hoping to persuade her to change her mind.


In maths this week, we continued to use ‘The Story of Rosa Parks’ to help us learn about division. We talked about how we could make division ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ and found different ways to split numbers in both of these ways. We then used these answers to spot patterns and understand why it was important for numbers to be shared equally to be able to divide accurately. We also began to use multiplication grids to help us divide as another strategy of finding the answers to division questions. Finally, we started to look at fractions, by voting on a variety of situations and counting the number of children who voted for each option as a fraction.


As it was a History Book Week this year, we decided to show the life of Rosa Parks as a timeline. We discussed what timelines were used for, before plotting the main events of her life in the correct places on a given timeline. We then calculated how old she would have been when these events took place and drew pictures to show each event. We also enjoyed our PE session with Mrs Charles where we continues to practise our gymnastics routines ready to take part in our class competition at the end of term. Finally this week, we created pictures of Rosa Parks by using coordinates to place squares in the correct places and made a large collage of an American bus! We worked together as a class to take turns to collage until we had created our finished masterpiece.


O2 have thoroughly enjoyed Book Week: we can’t wait to do it all again next year!