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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 8 27.02.17

B2 noticed something rather strange first thing on Monday morning when one table in the classroom was decorated with a tablecloth, flowers and chocolate biscuits. There was nothing on the other tables except for one old orange and a cup of water. We discussed how unfair that seemed and how it made people feel. I soon reassured them that this had been done to introduce our book for Book Week: The Story of Rosa Parks. The children were really eager to explain what they already knew about her and we found out more about her life and how she changed the world by standing up for equal rights. In literacy, we used role play to imagine the conversation Rosa Parks might have had with the bus driver and this helped us write the discussion they might have had using our inverted commas. B2 felt strongly about the need for everyone to be treated fairly and this was even more the case when we carried out a debate over whether it would be fair to let the girls have lunch first. The children spoke passionately and presented each of their arguments taking positions for and against Mrs Cooper's ideas. Luckily, we wrote such fantastic speeches to convince her that this new rule was unfair that she changed her mind and access to lunch will remain equal for both boys and girls. Phew! We're very fortunate to have some skilled writers who managed to persuade her so successfully.


Our Maths this week was also linked to Rosa Parks and we applied our knowledge of division to find out whether we could share things out equally or not. Mrs Holliman introduced the multiplication grid to the children showing them some disco moves to remember how to use the grid. We used the grid to work out how to make 'lots of' from a larger number relating our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to division facts. Finally, we voted on two options that Rosa Parks could have chosen on the day she sat on the bus. It was great to see most children choosing to stand up for their rights but interesting to have discussions about other options. This allowed us to use fractions to show just how many people in the class chose option A over option B. We practised this with some rather unusual scenarios such as 'Would you rather have a pig try on your clothes or a hippo sleep in your bed?' to record the number of people choosing option A or B using fractions. We kept changing the number of children at each table to help them remember that we need to work out the total number of children asked. 


We also used Maths in History this week when we created timelines of Rosa Parks' life. We put her life events in order and placed them carefully on a timeline with intervals of 5 years. It was great to see the children reasoning to work out exactly where the event should be and how old Rosa Parks was at that time of her life.


Thursday was World Book Day and we took this opportunity to share our favourite books while being dressed in costume. It was lovely to see the children sharing with such enthusiasm their favourite books and characters. We also had a parade in the school hall to show off our costumes, which was great fun for everyone!