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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 8 12.6.17

O2 have had a very exciting week!


We began the week by reminding ourselves of the storyline of ‘The Lion King’ after watching the film last week. We ordered pictures from the story and then retold part of the story using expanded noun phrases, different sentence openers and correct punctuation. We then focused on the characters in the story, particularly Scar and Simba. We talked about the differences between their characters and then used descriptive language to describe their personality and appearance.


In maths this week, we began by partitioning numbers to add. We used money and a variety of word problems to practise partitioning numbers before adding the tens and ones together to find the total. Towards the end of the week, we looked at position and direction. We used ‘2go’ on the computers to give directions to move a given object to a certain place. We enjoyed giving instructions to our friends for them to follow and used the mathematical vocabulary to help them find the way. Lastly, we had to find the treasure at different points on a treasure map by writing the directions needed to reach given destinations.


On Wednesday it was our eagerly anticipated trip to ‘The Lion King’ in London! After containing our excitement for a whole morning, we boarded the coach ready for an incredibly enjoyable afternoon. We were amazed by all the costumes, dancing, puppets and singing and all came home afterwards with giant smiles on our faces! We enjoyed ourselves so much that we wrote reviews the following day to recommend the show to others and gave a variety of interesting reason for our opinions.


On Friday, we continued to look at plants and animals in our science learning by focusing on microhabitats. We went outside and found as many different microhabitats as we could including under leaves, in clumps of grass and below pieces of wood. We drew and labelled the habitats and all of the different creatures we identified before discussing why each would choose that habitat to live in.


O2 finished the week by watching a riveting performance of ‘The Railway Children’ with the rest of the school on Friday afternoon. We thoroughly enjoyed the story and it was a lovely end to the week!