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Week 8 - 12.06.17

What an exciting week this has been!


The undisputed highlight was going to watch The Lion King at the theatre in London. We were so impressed with the music, the costumes, the set, the lighting, the singing, the dancing and seeing the smiles on the children's faces was fantastic! We had prepared our visit by watching the film to make sure everyone was familiar with the story. This allowed us to choose a scene to retell in Literacy, focusing on our descriptions, the use of exclamation sentences and apostrophes. It was wonderful to see how the story was brought to life through our writing! We then chose a character to describe and we got the opportunity to really impress with our choices of descriptive language: hilarious, scaredy-cat, know-it-all, as beautiful as a blossoming flower... On Wednesday morning before our trip, we wrote a set of command sentences to remind ourselves of the rules we would need to follow when out and about in London. There were many rules beginning with 'Don't' (to show off our use of apostrophes) but also plenty of positive rules such as 'Stay', 'Walk', 'Hold' but most importantly 'Have fun'! And indeed, we did have plenty of fun on our trip. We enjoyed the show so much that we wrote a theatre review the next day using exclamation sentences to express our appreciation for the musical. Well done B2 for having written so much this week!


In Maths, we have become much more confident adding two-digit numbers using number lines and Dienes blocks. We were able to apply our understanding to word problems and some even set me their own word problems which I enjoyed trying to work out. It was great to see children challenging themselves and, where they felt secure with Dienes, moving on to number lines or even to bridging over the tens and completing two-step word problems. We then moved on to using the language of directions. We used a computer programmes to give directions and work our way around a virtual world. Bee Bots also allowed us to understand what a half turn, quarter turn were and what it meant to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. We did do a lot of turning ourselves for us to feel more confident but not so much that we became dizzy, thank goodness! The resilience in the classroom is inspiring and reassuring ahead of our transition to Year 3. Watch this space for our transition work which will be coming up very soon in the next few weeks.


In Science this week, we went on the hunt for micro-habitats in the playground. We really enjoyed looking in dark and damp places to find some interesting minibeast such as ants, earwigs (we did have one rather unpleasant encounter!), snails, worms and slugs. We discussed why they would choose such habitats and what might happen if these habitats were to change. We are really looking forward to doing plenty more work in Science next week as we explore Science in Sports during a special week dedicated to both subjects. We look forward to see you on Sports Day to admire our efforts and think about the Science behind our incredible sporting performances!