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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 7: 30th Oct 2017

We have had a busy first week back in Hedgehog class. We have now begun our new topic called 'People who help us'. For our role play area, we thought about all of the people who help us, and decided that we would like to have a doctors surgery. The children have helped to make the role play area, adding signs and x-rays to the area. Many children have now been to visit the doctor this week!


In phonics we learned the sounds n, p and g, and also how to form these letters correctly. We are working hard to blend together the sounds we know, in order to read words. We are now learning to read words such as man, pig and nap. 


We were introduced to Numicon at school this week. We spent the week exploring this new maths resource, looking at the various shapes they made, and counting the numbers of holes in each shape. We then worked on matching the shapes to the correct numeral, by first counting the number of holes in the shape. Next week we will continue to explore Numicon in our maths lessons. 


We have been making firework pictures in our creative area this week. We used various techniques to make the pictures. Firstly we printed using cardboard rolls. Then we learned how to blow paint using straws. Finally we used forks to make the fireworks, placing paint in the centre and stretching out the fireworks. We added glitter to our fireworks to make them sparkle. 


We used instruments in our music session with Mrs. Caperon this week. We were learning about long and short sounds. We sang a song, and learned where to add the long sounds, and where to add the short sounds. We played castanets and claves to make short sounds and tambourines to make long sounds.  


We held School Council elections on Friday. The children in Hedgehog class were really eager to represent our class at school council meetings. 15 children in our class went up for election, and after a vote, we chose Tommy and Eva as our class representatives. Well done to all of the children taking part, it was great to see so many children interested in this important role. 


Next week we will be visiting the local fire station. Some parents have already said that they can help us on the trip. If anyone else is available to help, please let Miss Tarrant or Mrs. Dunne know, as we would like as many adults as possible to help us on our first trip out of school. 


Well done on a great week of learning Hedgehog class.