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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 7 26.02.18

We began the week by learning about estimation (a good guess) in Maths.  We practised our measuring skills, looking at the length and height of a range of different objects in the class.  We first had to estimate the length or height of the object and then had to check our estimates by actually measuring the items using cubes.  It wasn’t as easy as you might think but the more we practised and tried the better our estimates became and some were even very accurate!  Goes to show that practise really does make perfect!  We then moved onto an investigation in Maths, using our measuring, adding and problem-solving skills to calculate the height of a plant that grows every day!  We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! 


In topic time, we began to learn about Australia, looking at a range of resources e.g. atlas, Google maps, globes to identify Australia.  We also looked at the different territories within Australian and how the climate and environment is different to the UK!


By Wednesday, we were full steam ahead preparing our class for Book at Bedtime and World Book Day but unfortunately due to the weather Book at Bedtime was cancelled but soon to be re-scheduled!  Then by Friday the snow and the Beast from the East used full force and school was closed for a snow day!


Even though it was a shorter week than normal, we still had a great week, lots of super learning, well done Tigers!