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Week 7 25.2.19

It has been a very exciting Science Week all based around ‘flight’.


This week Giraffe Class have been learning:


  • We started the week by thinking about things that fly and things that don’t fly. We sorted a range of objects and animals using Carroll diagrams and thought carefully about why some were able to fly and others weren’t.
  • On Tuesday we completed a whole school paper plane investigation. We planned our own investigations focusing on how to make a paper plane travel further before carrying out the investigation in small groups. We tested whether the weight, material or size of the plane affected how far it could fly and were amazed by some of the results!
  • On Wednesday we walked to Oxhey Park .We looked at the amount of rubbish that our visitor, Sandy, had collected from the river and helped him by marking along the river where we could spot other rubbish.
  • Towards the end of the week we focused on rockets. We found out about how they work and designed our own rockets using this knowledge. We then made our own rockets from a collection of plastic bottles and took part in an investigation to make them fly into space! We thoroughly enjoyed watching them take off and are looking forward to trying it at home with our own specially designed versions!


What a fantastic week of science learning; well done Giraffes!


Next week we will be reading and writing about the story ‘When I grow up’ for  Book Week and focusing on fractions in maths.