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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 7 20.02.17

It was great to see all the children back well rested after half term and ready to learn!


In English, we started an exciting new book entitled The Dark. We discussed our ideas about the front cover and thought carefully about what the main character Laszlo might be feeling at the top of the stairs leading down to the dark. We were eager to find out more about the story once we had watched two book trailers which gave us a taste of what was to come... Though the trailers were both about The Dark, they were in very different styles and this allowed us to write a comparison using 'but' and 'however'. Finally, we got to read the first section of the story on Wednesday and the book let us into the world of The Dark, personified to really send chills down our spine. We used this to write our own descriptions of the dark, which were a great opportunity for the children to show off their use of adjectives (panic-stricken was a great one!) and similes (like a black ink stain splattered across the house!). I was very impressed with our writing skills once again! While listening to a spooky piece of music, we drew our feelings and were inspired to write a poem as a group using similes and metaphors to describe how the music made us feel. We're really looking forward to reading the rest of the book but this will be on hold as next week is... Book Week so watch this space!


In Maths, we have secured our understanding of division to such a point that we were even able to come up with our own word problems. I was so impressed with how children were thinking mathematically and they were able to work out that some numbers could not be shared between 2, 5 or 10! It was great to see children using their knowledge of 'multiples' from Mrs Holliman's Monday Maths sessions to help them spot patterns in their times tables. We were doing such a fantastic job with sharing that we decided to turn division on its head and explore division as a way of grouping! We drew arrays to help us make groups and started to spot the relationship between division and multiplication. Our work has really made us realise that applying our skills to a wide range of contexts really does allow us to secure our skills. We look forward to continuing to do so next week with our Maths during Book Week.


In Geography, the children have been writing myths and legends. They have used this to explore Wales and Scotland, with Isla sharing with us an uncanny Scottish accent! Mrs Terry was so impressed with their hard work that she awarded the entire class an achievement point for their efforts during their session. Well done B2!


In Science this week, we used all of our knowledge of materials to redesign common objects to improve them. It was fantastic to see the range of ideas that we were able to come up with, from feathers as watch straps (because they are flexible and soft) to transparent plastic for the face (we need to see through it). We discussed how we might improve the use of materials in a pair of scissors, with the ideas of using glass and stone being challenged in some really great discussions! Having discussed the inventions of Dunlop, Macintosh and McAdam, I am very confident that the inventor of the next life-changing object might be in our midst!


In PE this week, Mrs Charles came in to teach us gymnastics. We managed to learn each part of the sequence in our first session, which was really impressive. We will be practising these as a routine in order to compete against O2 in an intra-school competition! Some of us will also be chosen to compete in a inter-school competition later this half term. B2 is already showing a lot of promise so I will rooting for them in the competition!


Next week is Book Week and our theme is a historical one so I am very much looking forward to sharing the story of an important historical figure with the children, one whom I hope will inspire the class to stand up for their beliefs in order to effect change!