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Week 7: 14th October 2019

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Gunnersbury Park on Tuesday. We started of the morning as servants in the Victorian kitchen with Lizzie. We had to dress up in aprons and mob caps or wasitcoats so that we fitted in with the others. She taught us about the kitchen range, the warming table, how to cook on a spit and all about sugar and spices and how they were used. Then she took us to the scullery were we heard about all the food preparation jobs. Then she made us clean up and we had to do the washing up, scrub the floor, dry it and then beat the dust out of the carpets. It was exhausting! Our last task was in the laundry room. We found out how to clean clothes without a washing machine, using a wash bucket, a wash dolly and a scrubbing board. Then it came to drying it all with the mangle before ironing it. We even found out that they used to iron newspapers too!!


The afternoon was spent with Jane Birch. She was an eye witness of the Great Fire of London and told us all about what she saw and heard over those few days. She read some of Samuel Pepys diary too us and we had a go at reenacting what would have been happening. This helped us to build upon what we had already learnt about in class and find out some new facts too. 


It was a fantastic day overall. The children were an absolute pleasure to take on a trip and we wanted to say a massive thank you to the mummies who could come with us and help on the day.