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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 7: 10th June 2019

The rain didn't dampen the spirit of Parrot Class this week. We have enjoyed playing outside even in the rain. The children love to collect and transport water so we had a challenge to see how many buckets of water would fill the tuff spot. We initially estimated how many buckets we would need. We soon realised that it was going to be a lot more than 2! The children loved working together to complete this challenge.


This week we looked at the story Jasper's Beanstalk. The children had a go at planting their own beanstalk. We talked about what plants need to grow and the children are responsible for watering and looking after their bean over the nex couple of weeks. They will be encouraged to look closely at their bean, making observations about what is happening and what is changing. They are predicting they will grow very tall. I wonder where they will end up when they climb up! 


We have started to look back over the year and talk about things the children have enjoyed (or not!). This will form part of their end of year report. It has been a joy to listen to the children talk about what they are good at and also what their own personal targets are. 


In Relax Kids we are talking about emotion monsters. The children are exploring all the different emotions including, happy, sad, scared, mad and proud. The children have time to relax and reflect, which after a tough week of rain and spending more time inside was needed by all children (and maybe the adults too!) It is so lovely to watch the children take some of what they are learning into the classroom. Some of the children have been massaging their hands, arms and legs during Active Learning. 


Have a lovely weekend


Miss Leach