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Week 7 - 05.06.17

Welcome back to start what will be Year 2’s final half term at Bushey & Oxhey Infants! What a strange week it has been with only two days in school. Despite it having been such a short week, we have managed to pack quite a lot in.


In English this week, we got stuck in immediately with some writing about our holiday. We thought carefully about what makes a good piece of writing and how we could include all of the writing skills we have learnt so far. We used some exclamation sentences to express how impressive some of the sights were or what a fantastic day they had had enjoying their toys at home or with their friends. We then read Little Red Riding Hood to spot examples of exclamation sentences – What big teeth you have! What big teeth you have! This helped us write exclamation sentences of our own about a range of different animals.


In Maths this week, we have been practising partitioning using partitioning trees to find as many different ways as possible to partition numbers. Using Dienes blocks allowed us to move them around to explore different combinations. We then applied this knowledge on Friday to add two two-digit numbers on a number line. It was great to see the children growing in confidence when manipulating ever larger numbers!


On Friday afternoon, we got the opportunity to watch The Lion King ahead of our exciting trip next week to watch the musical. It was an excellent way for the children to familiarise themselves with the story and discuss the highlights of the movie. This will no doubt support their understanding when watching the story acted out on stage. We hope to use our exclamation marks in our theatre reviews next week!


The children also had one last country dancing practice session with Mrs Cooper. B2 really rose to the challenge working together as pairs remembering the moves and completing those in time with the music. I hope you will be able to join them at the OVEG Fayre to support them in their country dancing efforts. I can guarantee you will be impressed!