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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6: 8th October 2018

Another busy week with the children!


This week in Phonics we have learnt two more sounds ‘s’ and ‘t’ and we are continuing to learn the correct formation. The children have been really excited to write in their books and have been showing great resilience when they are writing, determined to form the letters correctly. This has been fantastic to see. We have also begun reading CVC words using the sounds we have learnt. The children were so proud when they were able to read these words independently.


In Maths we have been learning all about different numbers. This is to show all the different ways we can use numbers. The children have loved doing this and really enjoyed the challenge of finding that number around the classroom. There are lots of different ways a number can be represented and the children are enjoying exploring these. The children had been very creative and even made the numbers out of our large construction planks.


This week we have also been focusing on the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. The children have loved learning about all the different vegetables and talking about their favourite ones. We also talked about how vegetables grow. The children have been busy making carrot artwork which will be on display for our Harvest Assembly on the 25th October.


We have also talked about things we are good at and things we need to learn. I let the children in on a staff room secret that Mrs Forty was going to try and make a pavlova for the first time. The children initially found it funny that adults still need to learn. Maybe share what you are learning with your child at home. I was very proud of two boys who later came to share an observation about another child and had noticed that he had been trying very hard at something he finds difficult. Well done to those children in celebrating their friend’s achievement.


Outside has been popular, especially today (Friday), as our garden has been full of different parts of trees. Our children have been looking closely at seeds, especially enjoying the helicopter seeds, and leaves. It is so wonderful to have so many interesting things to look at in our garden area.


Next week we are excited to visit Oxhey park on our first school trip. The children can come into school on Tuesday wearing trainers and stay in these all day. We would like to thank all the volunteers who have offered to help!


Reading books and Sound Tags

We are really proud of the children when they have been reading this week. The children were desperate to read with an adult and really impressed us. They told brilliant stories using the pictures and even using some story language such as ‘Once Upon a Time’. Please make sure that your child’s reading book and Sound Tag are in their book bag everyday. We can then read with them throughout the week as the children get very disappointed when they can’t share the book they have been practising at home, with their teachers.


Over the weekend

  • Make a cake together: Write a list and go shopping to buy the ingredients. Weigh the ingredients and make the cake by following simple instructions. This involves lots of learning and is a fun activity. Please bring in or email photographs of your child cooking which we can display in our home corner.

  • Use your sound tag to make these words mat sat Sam. Can your child read and blend the sounds together to make the word? (m-a-t mat) Can they make the word using the cards when you say the word? Please model this to your child initially to help them feel confident!


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach & Mrs Forty