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Week 6: 6th October 2018

We have revisited the sounds 'ir' this week and spent the rest of our Phonics sessions recapping previous sounds - practising sounding out and spelling words with these sounds. We are also continuing to practise the skill of 'hold a sentence' where we decide a sentence together, repeat it out loud in different voices, count the words, clap it out and then write it down, all whilst remembering to use our sounds to spell, capital letters, tricky words, finger spaces and full stops! Phew - sentence writing is hard work!


Our English lessons have been based around a book called 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. The story is full of interesting perspectives, art work and feelings so we have had some fantastic discussions about all of this and practise making predictions again too. We wrote lists and sentences about what you might see and do at the park and then wrote about how the characters were feeling and why, using 'and' and 'because' to extend our writing. We tried to use more interesting vocabulary than just happy and sad, such as gloomy, joyful, ecstatic and down in the dumps. The children really enjoyed exploring these words and talking about how the words made them feel.


Our Maths focus has been comparing numbers this week, looking at sequencing consecutive and non consecutive numbers and then explaining our reasoning and thinking using language such as more, less, greater, fewer. I think we're getting to grips with this explaining thing! It is important that the children understand the value of each number so that they can reason their answer and not just say 'because I just know it'. These are important skills to set them up for all their future Maths learning.


Next weeks learning...

We will be continuing to use 'Voices in the Park' as our focus text for English. 
Our handwriting focus will be recapping what we have learnt so far and beginning to look at joining 'ch' if appropriate.
In Phonics we will look at 'oy' and 'ou'.
In Maths we will continue to look at comparing numbers, looking at 1 more and 1 less.


Another fun and busy week in Penguins Class!! Have a lovely weekend!