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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6: 5th February 2018

This week the children have been focusing on the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. The children received a letter from the giant saying that he wanted some help designing his new outfit. The children were excited to try and design the outfit. They were challenged to come up with describing words to describe their outfits. We had;


Sparkly shoes                                            Rainbow tie                               Shiny shoes

The children then drew their special outfit and labelled it. We are so proud of their super writing this week!


The children have become more independent in their number work. They are becoming more confident using the number line to count backwards. They have been writing their own number sentences and challenging their friends to work out the answers.


In Phonics the children have been learning the ‘igh’ sound. Please practise this sound at home along with ‘ay’, ‘ee’ and the sounds in the red books. We have begun to add to the tricky words tag when children are confident with the words on their tag. Please continue to practise these words as all the children are excited to have more words added to their tag.


Outside the children have enjoyed exploring the ice in the morning. They have been collecting it and observing it as it melts. They have been exploring how they can speed up or slow down the melting process.


Well done Badgers on a short but busy half term


Ideas for over half term

  • Reading – please read your child’s reading book over the half term and practise tricky words. Also please read to your child as this helps them pick up exciting story language. You could also make up stories with your child, using their favourite toy or a mysterious object. This helps children understand the structure of stories.

  • Numbers – please practise numbers to 20. This could be done by finding numbers in the environment (door numbers, prices etc) or creating a number hunt at home. Please emphasise the ‘teen’ ending. Please bring any photographs of numbers in the environment into school as we can display them in the maths area.

  • Writing – You could provide different sized and colour paper for children to record any exciting things they do over the holidays.

We wish you a very happy and restful half term

Miss Leach & Mrs Forty