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Week 6: 21st May 2018

The children on Monday were very excited about the royal wedding and were sharing their favourite parts during the morning carpet session. The day was then spent of them painting and drawing pictures of Harry and Meghan. The children's enthusiasm for this real life event was a great start to a topic on Castles and Knights.


This week the children have been learning all about castles and labelling their very own castle design. The writing focus has been on story language and encourage the children to start thinking about writing their own stories. They have been fantastic! The children have been using a 'story s' to help plan their story and some children have even created their own books. During carpet sessions they have then had a chance to share them.


In the creative area the children worked together on building a Badger Castle. They worked so well together and have created a masterpiece. They shared ideas and listened to each other and even took turns using the equipment. The rest of the week they made puppets and played with the castle in a small world tuff tray. The children have also been making shields to support their Knight role play.


Outside the children worked together again to create a large scale castle where they were able to protect with their shields. It was so lovely to observe great role play and enthusiasm. One child said, "this is the best thing ever. Its amazing!" It is such a joy to be able to teach through the children's interests and this topic has really engaged all the children.


This week all the children have really impressed me with their reading. The children have been really developing as readers as they are confidently talking about the text and developing their expression. Children are now practising using a 'head' voice to sound out the words silently to help them become more fluent within their reading. Lots of children have wanted to read multiple times with an adult this week which is fantastic and so lovely to see so many children excited by reading.


We hope you have a lovely half term holiday. We return on the 11th June. Over the holidays please practise your child's set 2 sounds which given out today (Friday 25th) and their tricky words. We will be updating the tags once your child can confidently recognise most of the words on their tag. 


Miss Leach and Mrs Forty  

How to say the sounds

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