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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6 21.05.18

This week, we have been very busy as always!


We began the week by learning about body parts during Science, labelling the body and linking it with our Maths learning by calculating how many body parts we have altogether e.g. how many eyes do two children have altogether?  Then, later in the week we learnt about skeletons, learning the names of different bones and finding facts about the skeleton.  The children were fascinated by how many bones the skeleton has and what would happen if we had no bones!


During English, we continued to read and use the story Captain Flinn and the Pirates.  We split the class into three groups to re-tell the story; acting out and recapping the events from the beginning, middle and end of the story.  This really helped the children when they sequenced the story as part of their story map when re-telling the story in their own words in their writing.   Mrs Oliver and I were so proud of the children's writing, we didn't want to stop reading them. So much detail, using story language, adjectives, even speech!  Well done Tigers!


Then in Art, we used wax resist to create our very own pirate flags!   We used treasure chests, skull and bones as just some of our ideas.  First, we sketched our designs softly in pencil, then went over the design with crayon and oil pastels and finally added water colour paint!  


During Maths, we continued to learn about money, solving problems involving adding.  We then begun to learn about positions and directions including left, right, forward, backwards, one whole turn, half turn, a quarter and three quarter turns.  We practised following positional instructions in groups with ourselves and shapes.  We then begun to use all this knowledge to learn about time using clocks and watches.


Lots of fantastic learning, well done Tigers, keep up the hard work!

Enjoy your holidays and we can't wait to hear all about them!  See you back in June for the last half term in Year One! angel