Bushey and Oxhey Infant School

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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6 20.02.17

The chidren have worked very hard this week.

In Phonics the children have been revising their set 2 sounds such as 'ee', 'igh', 'air' and 'ir'. No new sounds or tricky words have been given this week as the children are consolidating their learning both in Home Learning and the classroom.

The work in Maths has been on Repeating patterns, using letters, symbols, bean bags, paint to identify and recognise patterns, shown in some of our class photographs this week. The children have also continued to play a maths game, rolling a dice to add numbers together and using this number to then help construct their own alien, for example rolling a '3' and a '4' would mean taking the material from the pot numbered '7'!

The story 'How to catch a star' has been our focus in Literacy. The children have worked in groups, sharing ideas of how they might catch a star. They then used these class discussions to help their own thinking, putting their own ideas down.

Next week is Book Week where there are a variety of different activities such as 'Book at Bedtime.' As a school we are focussing on history and our children will be learning about families and writing some stories! We are looking forward to sharing these with you next week!