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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6: 19th Feb 2018

Firstly, thank you to those parents who were able to come and join us for our 'At Home' session this morning. The whole class enjoyed having some of the parents here with us and enjoyed showing off how much they have learnt.


We came back refreshed from our week off and have managed to fit so much fun learning in to our first week of this half term.

Our focus this week was Spring and we looked at the story of The Little Red Hen.



We read and learnt actions for the story of the Little Red Hen. We read different versions and spoke about how the author had changed their story. We then planned our own story, using the ideas from The Little Red Hen but changing the characters. This then helped us to write our own version. We spent a long time on these stories, working on our spelling, presentation, full stops, capital letters and question marks. We spoke about editing our work and we are practising this skill ready for Year Two.



This weeks focus was odd and even numbers, spotting the patterns and rules involved. We used resources to make the numbers and compare and sort them in to odd and even. We ended with an investigation which involved using this knowledge to help us decide if statements we true or false. We looked at things such as 'If you add an odd number and an odd number, you always get an odd number'. We tested this out and came to a conclusion of true or false. We then looked at what we already knew about odd and even numbers to try and explain our reasoning behind our findings.



We learnt a lot about Spring this week, watching videos and looking in books to find out about the weather changes as well as other things that happen during the Spring months.

For our Art session, we sketched real life flowers (daffodils, hyacinth and tulips) and then used different media to colour them in, such as pastels, chalks, watercolour paints and colour pencils.

We wrote some facts in our Science books and then used these to write Spring poetry using our senses of sight, smell and hearing.

This morning we edited those poems and then wrote them up in neat to put up on display. They are going to look fantastic on the board!

We also had a messy session of making bread. We look at and weighed out the ingredients needed, we followed the instructions and spoke about words such as kneading, proving and rising. We hope they taste as good as they look and you enjoy sharing them at home! The children have come up with some great ideas about how they could eat them; taking them for a snack in the cinema, toasting them, having them for breakfast and spreading chocolate spread all over them were just some of their ideas!!!