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Week 6: 11th February 2019

Can you believe we are half way through this academic year?! Good news though still lots of fantastic opportunities and learning for the second half of the year. 


This week we have started to look at things that help us feel good. This is something that will be threaded through the rest of the year - so this is just the beginning and is something you can get involved in at home. The newsletter gives more information on the five factors to support well being. 


We have been thinking about connecting with others and giving back. At the end of the day we have share nice things about our peers. I modelled this by saying thank you to children for reading me a story and making me smile, telling me a joke to make me laugh and playing with the trains with me. The children did this amazingly well and were keen to say thank you or a nice comment about their peers. The children were soon requesting this each day as it made them feel good about themselves and also making someone else smile. I think this will become a regular part of our week in Parrot class. 


We were also lucky to be active and take notice this week in a very different way to normal. Mrs Charles came in and led a Pilates session for our class. All children loved this session and showed such high levels of engagement. This activity is very different from our usual high energy activities which focus on raising our heart rate in order to meet the 120 minutes of high intensity activity a day (a time identified in accordance to child development). The children showed a real sense of calm and followed the instructions so well. This calm manner really did go back to the classroom for the rest of the afternoon. 


Finally we kept learning on our topic of space. We had aliens this week and we wrote about what we would do if an alien came to visit inspired by the story 'Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers.


After a very busy half term we all deserve a break. Illness has been high in the class this term so please take care over the holiday and try and take a break as much as you can. We haven't sent any activities home over the half term however below are some fantastic activities which would really benefit your child's learning and are hopefully fun. 


1. Play a treasure hunt with numerals to 20. Hide them around your house and challenge your child/ren or adults who wish they were still kids to find a specific one. As part of the early year goals at the end of the year children are expected to recognise these numerals. 


2. Read lots of stories with your child. Miss Tarrant and I went on a fantastic course on Thursday and it focused on the importance of stories and communication in child development. The key things were expressions when reading stories (lots of silly voices, slowing down and pausing to build suspense) and creating a story together. 


3. Do something active! Do something active and send us a photograph ( This can be anything you like but try and make it so it raises the heartbeat (consider the 120 minutes of high intensity activity). 


Finally please do send photographs of anything your child gets up to over the holiday. They really do love talking about any photographs that get sent in with the class. 


Have a lovely half term

Miss Leach