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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 6 10.10.16

This week O2 have been enjoying their science topic looking at ‘Growth and Survival’. On Tuesday, we discussed what happens to humans as they get older and came up with a range of answers including that people get taller as they grow. From this, we decided to investigate the question ‘Are the older children in Year Two taller?’ We planned our investigations in small groups, and decided to use measuring tapes, metre sticks and other equipment to measure the height of different children and compare to their birthday. We carried out the investigation on Thursday, and came to the conclusion that not all of the older children were taller, as some of our younger friends were taller in height. We asked lots of inquisitive questions and enjoyed trying to explain our findings!


In literacy this week, we continued looking at non-chronological reports.  We read a variety of reports looking at different sports and were able to answer questions on each as well as reminding ourselves of the features. We then began to research a sport of our choice to enable us to plan and write our own report at the end of the week. We made sure to include titles, subtitles and diagrams and enjoyed telling our friends what we had found out about our chosen sport.


Our maths this week has focused on problem solving using dominoes. We used the dominoes in lots of different ways; from counting the dots on each to using them to create two digit numbers for us to add. We learnt about how we could use patterns to help us find the answers, and how we could use subtraction as the inverse of addition. We also used them to help us solve missing number problems involving addition and subtraction.


O2 really enjoyed watching a rehearsal of B2’s class assembly on Wednesday. It was lovely to see all our friends performing with enthusiasm and we are now looking forward to sharing our learning in our class assembly next week!