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Week 5: 4th February 2019

On Monday morning we were excited to come to school and tell our friends how we had spent our snow day on Friday! It sounds like many of us enjoyed the snow.


Last week we had been learning about our senses. We had tried many activities during the week to learn about each one. On Monday we finished off this topic with a few more activities, including using our sense of smell to guess what was inside each covered pot. 


On Tuesday we learned about Chinese New Year. We learned about why it is celebrated and how people celebrate it. We learned why each year is named after an animal and that it is the year of the pig this year. There were various creative activities for us to try in the classroom, including making dragons, masks and Chinese lanterns. We also looked at Chinese writing and attempted to write our own names using Chinese symbols.


We then moved on to the topic of space by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’. We learned various facts about the moon, including how the craters on the moon were formed. We wrote a list of what we might bring with us if we were to go to the moon. We also thought about whether we would like to visit the moon, and wrote a sentence about why we might like to travel there.


We learned about astronauts and what they do when they are in space. We looked at how they brush their teeth and where they sleep when they’re in space.


We made solar system pictures using chalks. We looked at the planets and thought carefully at the colours we should use. We also used junk modelling materials to make our own rockets and various other objects that we might find in space.


In maths we learned about weighing. We weighed moon rocks, and tried to work out which was the heaviest/lightest rock using the balancing scales.


In phonics we have now moved on to learn new sounds. This week we learned the sounds ay (may I play) and ee (what can you see). We have been practising reading these and also writing words containing these sounds. We continue to learn tricky words each week. Please ensure your child is practising these regularly.


We have been practising our Sign 2 Sing song this week. During our senses week last week we learned that some people find it difficult to hear. Some of these people use sign language to communicate with others. We learned how to sign the song ‘Greatest Day’ and in assembly on Friday we performed it with the rest of the school.


Next week we will continue our space topic. We will be learning more about the planets and the constellations. We will also be having a Feeling Good Week at school next week. There are many lovely activities planned for the children throughout the week.


Well done on a busy week of learning Toucan Class.