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Week 5 30.1.17

What an exciting week for O2!


On Monday, we started the week with a special assembly from a company specialising in music teaching. They came prepared with a selection of keyboards and we learnt a range of songs and actions before some of us had a chance to play the keyboards to a piece of music. We enjoyed our assembly and came back ready to find out about music used in China to celebrate Chinese New Year with Mrs Caperon. We also enjoyed maths with Mrs Holliman on Monday, practising our 5 times table.


On Tuesday, we focused on problem solving in our maths learning. Miss Horton thought of a number and gave us clues to guess what it was. We used our knowledge of multiples, odd and even numbers and tens and ones to make accurate guesses and narrow down the options until we guessed the right number. We were able to explain our understanding and reasoning to our friends and add extra clues to help us find the answer. Finally, we created our own clues leading to a secret number and saw how many of our friends could use these to guess each number correctly.


On Wednesday, we enjoyed a morning of geography with Mrs Terry. We found out more information about the different continents before looking at Europe in more detail. We used our mapping skills to show where different countries are located and Mrs Terry was very impressed with our knowledge!


On Thursday, we started the day by watching a rehearsal of BR’s class assembly. We were very impressed with how they had learnt their lines and performed their various parts!  We then had an assembly about Chinese New Year, and found out about how the years were given animal names and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Later, we enjoyed a science afternoon, where we investigated how waterproof different materials were. Cinderella’s carriage has got wet and we needed to find a material to make it waterproof! We made predictions about which material would be most effective from a choice of cotton, plastic, felt and velvet, before testing each. We found that plastic was the most waterproof and were able to explain the reasons why.


On Friday, we were excited to come to school with a variety of amazing hairstyles for ‘Crazy Hair Day!’ To add to the excitement, we also went on our trip to Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley. We found out all about the history of paper, before making our very own hand-made paper to take home with us! We also went on a tour of a factory and used microscopes to look in more detail at the different materials used to make a variety of types of paper. We had a wonderful time and it was a fantastic end to the week! Well done O2!