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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 5 30.01.17

This week in English, we wrote... in our Science books, which did confuse our class a little bit. We showed off our English skills by writing instructions on how to make paper. It was impressive to see just how much we remembered from our trip last Friday and using pictures of our classmates carrying out each step of the process, we gave very clear instructions to produce paper from pulp! We look forward to practising the actual paper making skill as we set up our business making paper towards the end of next week!


B2 have also been writing postcards as Beegu to her parents describing her time on Earth. It has been great to see the children applying their skills independently and remembering to use a range of punctuation. We have been practising our punctuation using Kung Fu Punctuation this week reading through Beegu using our moves for every piece of punctuation. We enjoyed this so much some of us were even using Kung Fu Punctuation when reading a text later that day!


This afternoon, in Art, we created our own planet for a story we will be writing next week. It will be about a human who gets lost on an unknown planet, in the same way Beegu got lost on planet Earth! We used a range of materials to create our piece of Art and we look forward to finishing it so we can plan our story around this magical setting. 


In Science this week, we read a story of the Fairy Godmother's Day off! As the apprentice Fairy Godmother had taken over for the day, she was expected to design a carriage fit for Cinderella but was struggling to find the right materials for it. She kept making mistakes until she found the perfect waterproof material to get Cinderella to the ball without getting her beautiful ballgown wet (the weather was unfortunately awful that day!). We designed a fair test to help the apprentice Fairy Godmother find a waterproof material. We discussed what made a material waterproof - no holes so a non-porous material. We also found out that by using wax crayons, sellotape or clingfilm, we could actually make a material waterproof. B2 had a lot of fun using pipettes and water for this exciting fair test!


In Geography, we used our reading comprehension skills to find out about Christopher Columbus and his voyage of discovery. It was great to see the children applying their skills across the curriculum to find out about how Columbus discovered America.


Throughout the week, we have been encouraging the children to read the time during the day. Every hour on the hour, there is a hand popping up to let the class know that it is '... o'clock'. I have been in trouble with the class when referring to the little hand and the big hand of the clock as 'big' is a banned word in the classroom so we have had to be creative when referring to the 'longer' hand of the clock instead!