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Week 5: 29th January 2018

This week we have been focusing on the book 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. This topic will lead into our display and work on the season Spring.


The children began by planting their own bean. They have been watching carefully all week for any changes to their beans. Nothing has happened just yet but hopefully over the weekend the roots will begin to show, so have a look on Monday morning. 


In their writing the children have been thinking about what Jasper would find at the top of the beanstalk. The children have come up with lovely ideas, including unicorns, a bus, bullet train or a jet. The children's writing have really been developing over the last couple of weeks. We have been thinking about constructing a simple sentence first and then breaking it down into words which we can write. Some children have been using tricky words correctly in their writing which is fantastic. 


In Maths we have been continuing subtraction. The children have been learning to use different methods to solve the number problem. This is fantastic as children can then use a method that suits them best. We have been looking at number lines and jumping back to find the answer. 


The children have been carefully painting daffodils this week. They have used water colours, pastels and felt tips to draw their masterpiece. 


On Tuesday I set a challenge for the children to help develop their cutting skills. I cut a paper plate into a spiral to make a beanstalk. The challenge was any children who cut a beanstalk longer than mine would get 5 achievement points. The children were ready to take on this challenge. First, they had to paint their beanstalk by mixing green using blue and yellow paint. When they were dry they carefully cut out their spiral. The concentration was amazing and I was very proud of all the children. On Wednesday, I revealed which beanstalks were the longest and who would get the special prize. After careful measuring it was revealed that every child had managed to make a beanstalk longer than mine! Well done Badgers!


In Phonics we have begun learning our set two sounds. We have learnt 'ay' and 'ee'. Please practise these sounds with your children this week. They could have a go at reading and writing the sound and words. Some words these sounds are in are      day     may    say    see    sleep    green. 



Have a lovely weekend


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