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Week 5: 1st October 2018

The Parrots have been very busy this week and hasn't it flown by?!


We started learning our sounds this week and the children have learnt sounds 'm' and 'a'. We are using the other Phonic sessions to help children develop their listening skills and help the ear ‘tune in’ which is an important skill to help children with their reading of words. When learning 'm' and 'a' we have focused on the letter formation. It is important for children to get into the habit of forming letters correctly and will help them develop into confident writers. Please watch the video below to support you and your child in saying the 'pure' sounds. Sounds should not have an 'uh' sound on the end as this makes blending the words together much more difficult. 


During our carpet sessions we have been exploring the book 'You Choose' by Nick Sharratt. This book has provided lots of opportunity for talk and we have been practising talking in full sentences. The children have enjoyed choosing their favourite food, hat, shoes and holiday destination. They even got Mrs Cooper involved when she visited our classroom. 


In Maths we have been looking at different types of measures. We have been exploring weighing scales and comparing the weights of different natural resources. We have been using vocabulary such as heavy/heavier and light/lighter to talk about the items we are weighing. We have also been comparing lengths of objects and using language such as long/longer and short/shorter. 


Thank you for bringing in your child's favourite story. We will be reading these over the next couple of weeks. If your child hasn't brought a book in please bring one in next week. The children have also enjoyed reading the familiar print that they have brought in. We will put these on display next week. Talking to your children about print in the environment shows them the importance of letters/words and is a fun activity when out and about. 


Today in your child's bookbag they have their new sound tag. This will be updated with the new sounds we have learnt each week and is a useful tool to help your child become confident with their sounds. We will be updating the class pages with ideas on how to use them. They have also used got their Reading Record and reading book. Please read the letter accompanying these about how to support your child's reading. 


Over the weekend

  • We have been playing blending games in class, this helps children listen to each sound and then put them together to make a word. This game is similar to Simon Says however instead of saying the word you say the sounds for the children to blend together. For example,      Touch your ch-i-n         T-a-p your knee           J-u-m-p             S-i-t down. If your child becomes confident with this then they can try saying the sounds for you to follow. 
  • As the world outside changes please collect any natural resources and bring them in. For example conkers, leaves, small sticks and pine cones. These are great for Maths activities and for a talking table. 


Have a lovely weekend

Miss Leach & Mrs Forty

How to say the sounds

Still image for this video
This video demonstrates how to say the sounds in their pure form. Please use this video to ensure that you and your child are saying the 'pure' sound when practising their Phonics and reading. Thank you