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Week 5: 1st October 2018

Another week is over in Meerkats class and WOW haven't we done a lot!! 


In our phonics learning we have been looking at our 'ar', 'or' and 'air' sounds. During our phonics learning we have been sounding out words with these special friends in and applying these sounds to our spelling. We have also been working hard on our letter formations in our handwriting lessons to make sure we can read back our super sentences. 


We have started looking at a new book in our English lessons called 'Plenty of Love' by Emma Chichester Clark. We have discussed all the messages the book is trying to demonstrate as well as the characters feelings and emotions throughout different parts of the story. Then we started to think about list writing and all the things we would need if Binky the cat from the story came to stay at our house. We also looked at all the features of list writing and what we would need to include. Later on in the week we looked at summarising the story through pictures and writing captions for these pictures to describe what was going on. 


Again in maths our work has been very practical. We have continued to understand and secure the skill of subitising familiar patterns. The Meerkats have also worked very hard on using their reasoning skills to explain to Mrs Liquori and I how they have subitised patterns to know the value the pattern is representing. We have also begun to look at our number bonds to 5 and 10, using the Numicon (and our subitising skills!) to show how we know two numbers add together to make 5 or 10. 


Throughout the week we have started thinking about all the things that make us special and who we are as a Meerkat class. In Art children have been drawing around their own hands and writing profiles about themselves to go up on our class display. Mrs Liquori has been working hard with all the children in Meerkat class to do some hand printing for our display as well. 


The children in Meerkats class have also started some science learning. We have begun by looking at animals and their babies. There have been lots of in depth conversations about how not all animals such as tadpoles and caterpillars look like their grown ups when they are first born.


Well I don't know about you Meerkats but I can't believe how much learning we have done and how quickly the weeks are flying by. 


Next week we will be looking at a story called 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne in English. Our handwriting focus will be w, x, y and z. In Phonics we will look at 'ir' and also recap this weeks sounds. Then in Maths we are counting and comparing numbers, looking at more, less and fewer.


Have a fabulous weekend Meerkats and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday for more learning!!!