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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 5: 1st October 2018

We have revisited the sounds 'ar', 'or' and 'air' this week - practising sounding out and spelling words, applying these sounds. We are also continuing to practise the skill of 'hold a sentence' where we decide a sentence together, repeat it out loud in different voices, count the words, clap it out and then write it down, all whilst remembering to use our sounds to spell, capital letters, tricky words, finger spaces and full stops! Phew - sentence writing is hard work!


We have been reading a book called 'Plenty of Love to go Round' by Emma Chichister Clark. We have practised making predictions, written labels for the characters, written lists and even written information caption sentences to match pictures from the text. 


In Science, we thought about animals and their babies, naming and matching them. We looked at babies that don't look like their mums and dads until they are older, such as tadpoles, caterpillars and ladybird larva. 


Our Maths learning has been a continuation of the last few weeks, consolidating our learning on subitising and which resources can help us with this. We have also been looking at number bonds, using Numicon to represent number bonds within 10.


Next weeks learning...


We will be looking at a story called 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne in English.

Our handwriting focus will be w, x, y and z. 

In Phonics we will look at 'ir' and also recap this weeks sounds.

In Maths we are counting and comparing numbers, looking at more, less and fewer.