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Week 5 15.5.17

O2 have had an exciting week of learning.


In literacy on Monday, we began the week by reading a story about ‘Tricky the Troll’ We enjoyed finding out about how he loved scaring children and were able to answer lots of different questions about the story. We then used the reading skills we had practised to answer other questions about different texts; Miss Horton was very proud of our concentration and determination! Towards the end of the week, we carried on looking at Africa and read a traditional African story. We looked at ways that we could change the story, including getting stuck in squelchy mud or by the monkey having his tail stretched! We then used the plans we had created to write our own version of the story, ensuring that we included adjectives, different sentence starters and all of the correct punctuation.


In maths this week, we enjoyed taking part in a treasure hunt around the classroom, where we had to find as many different types of maths questions as we could. We then went into our groups to answer them. We made sure we showed our working and explained to others how we had found the answers. We also enjoyed solving missing number problems, by counting on and using the bar method to show each missing number and the relationship between each number. Later in the week, we practised our reasoning skills by answering a variety of questions and explaining how we had found each answer to our peers and teachers.


We have had a wonderful time practising our country dancing this week! We enjoyed spending Wednesday afternoon in the hall with B2 and Mrs Cooper and remembered to say the words as we were dancing to allow us to recall of the dance movements. On Thursday, we created some more fantastic African art work by using printing to create the head of a lion. We drew our design onto polystyrene tiles before inking and printing onto a bright background to create our finished pictures.


Finally this week, we continued to look at living and non-living things by focusing on habitats. We thought about why different animals were suited to the habitat they lived in, such as why a penguin would live in a cold, icy place. We then wrote postcards from our chosen animal to explain why their habitat would be the best to live in.


Well done O2- you have had a very busy  week!