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Week 5 - 15.05.17

First of all, well done to B2 for showing fantastic resilience this week and working so hard on reading comprehension!


In English, we read a fantastic traditional tale from Africa about how Anansi the spider got his skinny legs. We used this to plan our own story about how an animal got its features. Having agreed that our stories needn't be scientifically accurate, we had lots of fun in using our imagination to come up with a story behind the features of certain animals. Some of us thought that the camel might have long legs because of its smelly feet, that the leopard got its spots from rolling in the mud and that the cheetah got its spots from a chicken who painted them on! We then wrote our story in sections, starting with a description of our animal and the setting, before moving on to explaining what happened for our animal to develop its special feature. The focus and concentration in the class was excellent and I cannot wait to read all of our fantastic tales!


In Maths this week, we have been thinking really carefully about our strategies to approach calculations but also to tackle reasoning problems. On Monday, we all took part in an exciting Maths treasure hunt during which we had to answer as many different questions as possible to also question other children's answers to encourage them to convince us by showing their method. It was lovely to see the teamwork involved and how wide our range of strategies was! We used the number line, drawings of Dienes and counters, counting on, partitioning, counting back, drawing lots of, drawing a bar or circles to share equally between. In sharing our strategies, we realised that we all had our preferred method but that this depended on the numbers we had to work with. We will continue to expand our repertoire of strategies to begin to choose the most efficient method!


In Science this week, we have been working on animals and their habitats matching up animals and where they live. We thought about their features and, thinking more scientifically this time, discussed why the animals were suited to their environment. We wrote postcards as an animal sending greetings to another about how wonderful our habitat was and how we were perfect for that particular place in the world. Bush babies were writing to giraffes explaining why their big eyes and ears were perfect to see in the dark and how their tails and claws allowed them to jump from tree to tree in their vast rainforest. Well done B2 for really getting into the role and bringing to life the topic of animals and their habitats!