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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 5 03.10.16

On Tuesday, we ventured to Queens School, to take part in a Multi Skills Festival.  We were joined by lots of other Year One children from local schools in Bushey.  We took part in lots of different sporting activities including balancing, jumping and skipping games, dribbling and throwing balls and relay races.  We really enjoyed the different activities and working in teams to compete against each other.  Mrs Impey and Mrs Harris were really pleased with our efforts with all the activities and were very impressed with how sensibly we all walked to and from the event.


This week in Maths, we have been learning about halves of amounts and numbers.  We used a range of resources including cubes, hoops and counters to understand and show that half means one of two equal parts.  We also spotted lots of patterns too, including that we could only halve even numbers into equal groups but answers could be odd and even numbers.  We also noticed that can use halving to help us with doubling facts and vice versa.  For instance, half of 2 is 1 and double 1 is 2!


During Literacy this week, we have been reading the story We're Going on a Lion Hunt, comparing the text to We're Going on a Bear Hunt.  We used the text as inspiration to create our own characters who would be going on their own animal hunts.  We invented very imaginative characters from monsters to aliens to animals.  We named all our characters and wrote character descriptions, which described the character’s appearance, behaviour, where they lived and what they liked to do. 


We were very lucky this week, we had a Science day with Miss Mac Kenzie on Friday.  We continued learning about weather and the four seasons.  We learnt which season our birthday occurs in and made a pictogram to record the classes birthdays into seasons.  We then made season collage pictures in Art, using a range of materials from leaves, grass and wool to create the weather that represents the seasons. 


Well Done B1, we had such a had a really busy and exciting week, with an amazing amount of learning!