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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 5 - 03.10.16

The children have worked incredibly hard in maths this week. That magic moment where everything made sense and “clicked” with quite a few of the children was wonderful to witness. The children are finding their preferred method of finding the answer when adding and subtracting two digit numbers (no number lines). Some children chose to partition the ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ using Diennes, others without Diennes. A handful of children chose to partition the numbers into ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ and then draw their own number line with jumps. Some children chose to make pictorial representations and others could use mental strategies. Ask your child which method they chose – maybe they could show you?


In Literacy we have moved away from Traditional Tales and have now started our unit on ‘Non-Chronological Reports’. We have all enjoyed Literacy this week. Lots of highlighters have been used to identify the features of a non-chronological report and the children have been using some fantastic vocabulary.

Noah’s mummy came to visit us on Wednesday. She is a Naturopath. This means that she makes people feel better by using natural remedies. Part of this involves food and drink.


We learnt that 75% of our head is water and that if we do not drink enough we can feel a bit fuzzy. We only need to lose 2% of this water in order to feel fuzzy.

We watched Noah’s mummy check whether Noah had drank enough water by testing the strength of his arm before and after he drank a glass of water!

We are all now going to ‘eat the rainbow’! Eating as many different coloured foods as possible is really good for us. 

The Purcell School of music also came to visit on Wednesday. We were introduced to a wide range of instruments from a flute to a tuba, a violin to a cello. The children were fascinated, especially when all of the musicians came together to play the match of the day theme tune!


In our topic work this week, the children have learnt about medals, ending in the children designing and making their own. We all included Nike, The Greek Goddess of Victory on our medals as she has appeared on all of the modern Olympic medals.


Rehearsals for our class assembly are well under way. Please practise words with your child – they do not need to know they off by heart but they should be able to read them fluently and with expression. Some children are going to dress as an ancient Greek and will need to bring in a plain bed sheet to wear as a toga! Five of the children are going to be a Brazilian dancer and it would be great if they could wear some brightly coloured clothes for the assembly.


Thank you to everyone that came to our ‘at home’ session on Thursday afternoon. Mrs Harper said that she thoroughly enjoyed it and that it was a great success.


Thank you everyone, have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carter