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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 4 and 5: 28th January and 4th February 2019

During Maths we have been focusing on teen numbers and beyond. We have been using Base 10 to help us represent the tens and ones in a number and then using part- whole models to partition numbers. We have ended this learning with carrying out a challenge to  see how many numbers we could make using only 8 pieces of Base 10. Then we looked at the biggest number we could make and the smallest number, explaining how we worked it out and how we know our answer is correct.


In English our focus has been the story of Traction Man. We have read the story, acted it out, written about our favourite part. Afterwards we wrote character and setting descriptions using lots of interesting adjectives!! In addition we have been look at rhyming words and have written our own Superhero poems. 


We have carried out lots of Art activities over the past 2 weeks. We were inspired by pop art and made our own onomatopoeia pop art. We used Van Gogh's 'A Starry Night' to inspire some Superhero skyscraper scenes. 


In Science, we have continued to look at Materials and investigated waterproof materials. We discussed, predicted, investigated and concluded which was the most waterproof material. We then sorted materials into different groups depending on whether they were strong or waterproof. 


We also did some learning around Chinese New Year and in History we have been looking at Toys and have thought about the similarities and differences between old and new toys. 


Next week's highlights:


'Feel Good' week

  • we are having a DT day, creating our own settings for a Superhero adventure

  • we have a drama company visiting, holding Superhero workshops, with a recycling focus

  • we are preparing for our Superhero day with some cooking

  • Superhero day will be filled with arts, crafts, cooking, games, dancing and party food!

  • we are visiting Rock Up again