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Week 4 8.5.17

This week, O2 have thoroughly enjoyed their first week of ‘Africa’ learning!


We began the week by starting our new story ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’. We looked at the front and back covers of the story and used the pictures and blurb to predict what might happen. We also thought of questions about the story that we might want to ask as it continued.  After we had read the beginning of the story, we looked at maps to see the journey that the giraffe took from the Great Plains of Egypt to Paris in France. We plotted the journey on our own maps and identified the landmarks and cities that they would pass. Next, we looked in more detail at the setting of the story.  We used adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe the savannah and extended our sentences in different ways. Towards the end of the week, we held a class debate! We thought about how the giraffe in the story had been taken from his natural habitat and shared our opinions on whether this was fair to the animal. We gave reasons as to why zoos may be better for animals as well as thinking of reasons why animals should stay in their natural habitat. We worked in teams to share our arguments before holding our debate. Finally, we wrote letters persuading the Great Pasha in Egypt to keep Zeraffa Giraffa in his natural habitat and gave reasons to support our argument.


In maths this week, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape. First, we described the properties and 2D shapes and identified and sorted the shapes found on the spots of a variety of giraffes! We then compared these to different 3D shapes and found the number of edges, vertices and faces on each shape. We were very excited to take part in a ‘shape treasure hunt’ on Friday, where we had to find shapes around the classroom before describing them to our friends. Also in maths this week, we solved problems by ordering the heights of different giraffes using the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols before finding the difference between the various heights.


We began our new topic in science this week by focusing on living and non – living things in our environment. We enjoyed going outside to find and identify different living, non- living and dead things, before comparing these to what may be found  in Sudan, a very different environment. We also practised our country dancing in PE this week and Mrs Cooper enjoyed teaching us a new dance ready for our performance next half term. Finally, in our topic learning, we looked at a selection of African objects, including instruments, clothing and masks. We asked questions about the objects and then impressed Miss Kerr, Miss Horton and Mrs Shirley with our fantastic still life drawings of one of the objects.


Well done O2- you have worked extremely hard this week!