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Proud to be part of Bushey Primary Education Federation Federation Headteacher: Mrs M Cooper MA NPQH

Week 4: 28th January 2019

This week we have been looking at our different senses and exploring each of them. 


Touch - The children made different texture pictures and beginning to use words to describe the different textures such as soft, hard, rough, smooth. Outside the children have also enjoyed using cornflour. For any parents who haven't explored the properties of cornflour it is definitely fascinating as when mixed with small amounts of water has both properties of a solid and a liquid!! 


Sound - We explored different musical instruments and children had a chance to make their own. We had some performances outside of children creating their own musical shows. We also linked to our Sign to Sing song which involves sign language to help raise awareness of deafness and sign language as a way of communicating. 


Sight - We played games such as 'I spy' in Phonics and used this in our focus writing task for this week. In their writing the children are really working on writing sentences but also making sure they completely sound out each word before moving on. When reading at home please point out what a word is and what a sentence is as the children are struggling with these concepts. 


Taste- We played a game with flavours of crisps. The children had to try different crisps and with only their sense of taste guess which flavour they have just eaten. Lots of children were very confident with this however it definitely proved harder than they thought. One of the favourite activities of the week. 


Smell - We used smelling pots to test our sense of smell. The children had to smell different pots and try and match them to the pictures. Some flavours were not popular however the children enjoyed putting their sense of smell to the test and maybe smelling some items they hadn't smelt before. 


An enjoyable week, finished off with a snow day. Thanks for all the snowy pictures. It is lovely to receive them and to share them with the class. I am sorry I cannot reply due to email restrictions but I do receive them and the children love sharing!!