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Week 4 26.09.16

Another busy week in B1, we have enjoyed our learning and we have been working really hard!


We began our week, with PE with Mr Lazzaro our sports coach followed by a very inspiring Music lesson with Ms Keough. 


During Literacy this week, we continued reading and learning about texts with predictable and repeating language.  We continued to use our focus text ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we really impressed Mrs Impey and Mrs Harris with our learning.  We began, by concentrating on the story settings, using role play and adjectives, to bring the settings to life.  We then moved on to adding new settings to the story, linking this to our Science learning by looking at the effect of weather on settings e.g. thunder and hail stones.  Finally, we planned and wrote our version of the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ using the repeated language from the text teamed with our new settings.  We loved becoming authors and illustrators to create our very own books!


In Maths this week, we have been learning about doubles using resources and pictures to share our understanding.  We spotted lots of patterns with the answers, including that they are all even numbers that are in the two times tables.  We then used doubles to help us to solve problems including near doubles and missing number sentences. 


This week in Science, we enjoyed becoming scientists by ‘Going on a weather walk’ we went outside on an adventure to find clues of different types of weather all around us from wind, to sun and rain.  We also, learnt about the four different seasons and shared our favourite season with the class. 


During Topic this week, we learnt about the continents and oceans around the world.  We used Atlases and Google Maps to identify the different continents and oceans.  We thoroughly enjoyed using the satellite maps, identifying sand, sea, desert and snow, which helped us to name the countries.


Well done B1, for a great week of learning.  I can’t believe you have completed your first month in Year One, keep up the hard work girls and boys! smiley