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Week 4: 24th September 2018

Welcome to all our families to Parrot class' class page. We hope you enjoy reading about all the wonderful learning your child has been up to during the week and lots of tips or activities you can do to support them at home. 


As we come to the end of week 4 we have lots to share with you! The children have settled into their new class and are enjoying their days at school. We are so proud with how well they have made the transition into Reception. This is not an easy transition and we will continue supporting all the children in this. 


Our first topic has been 'All about me' and we have loved getting to know all the children. The boxes they have brought in have been a wonderful introduction and we have learnt so much about them. The children have been so confident in sharing their items and their peers have really enjoyed listening to each child talk about their box. The children have also been busy painting their self portraits which are now displayed in the classroom, please come in and take a look! They used a mirror and looked carefully at their skin, eye and hair colour in order to paint themselves. The children had fun guessing which portrait matched each child. The children have also drawn their family portrait, they enjoyed talking about all the different members of their family. All these activities, alongside playing with the children, have really helped us get to know each individual child. This has helped us think of some exciting topics based on their interests for the year ahead and we are really looking forward to these. 


Last week a special delivery came to Parrot class. After some whole class discussion we opened to find our very own parrot. We thought of some names and voted on our favourite. I would like to formally introduce Squawky the parrot. He is a very special member of the class and will be looking for a member of the class to visit each weekend. 


Over the weekend

  • Please can your child bring in some familiar print from the environment. This could be from a food packet, a photograph of the name of a familiar shop or a famous logo. This is to help make a display to support early reading.
  • Please can your child bring in one of their favourite books to share in our class. These books will be shared within our story times. This book may stay in school for a couple of weeks as we share each one so please consider this before you send it in. These books will be shared with the whole class so picture books or non-fiction books are ideal. Please avoid long stories, annuals or books which involve games or colouring in pages as we will be sharing them during whole class story times.

Thank you for your support


We hope you have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Miss Leach & Mrs Forty