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Week 4: 24th June 2019

In English this week we our focus has still been around the story of the Snail and the Whale. We began the week by writing our own conversation between the snail and the whale. We thought about the kinds of questions they might ask one another whilst they were on their adventures and how they might respond to these. Then we went on to look at the different settings in the story of the Snail and the Whale and we then planned our own setting of another place the characters might go on their adventures. The Meerkats thought about what they might see, who they might see and adjective they can use to bring their setting description to life. 


In Maths this week we started exploring Fractions. We started at looking at finding 1/2 of an amount and spoke about how we know which numbers can and can't be halved (odd and even). After we went on to look at how we can find 1/4 of an amount. The Meerkats practiced using practical resources and pictorial representations to help them solve find a quarter of an amount. 


The Meerkats have continued to observe and record in their Bean Diaries about the changes that have occured over the past week to their beans. As you have probably seen there have been lots of big changed to the beans!!


It has been a very exciting week full of lots of sporting activities! On Monday we had an archery workshop which was extremely fun and the Meerkats became real experts by the end of the session. Later on in the week we had a skateboarding workshop and the Meerkats showcased great teamwork helping one another to be the the best skateboarders they could be! Wednesday was Sports Day and a big thank you to all of you for your support. The Meerkats were again great team players with a fabulous understanding that its the taking part that counts!!!!!!!


Finally in Art we have been looking at Kadinsky circles. We used our knowledge of this to design our own snail shell using Kadinsky designs. 


Well done Meerkats on another busy week! Enjoy your rest over the weekend. 


Next Week: 

- Wednesday - Paradise Wildlife Park

- Maths - Fractions and Shapes

- English - Non chronological reports and trip recount .

- Science -Bean Diaries and Mini Beast Facts