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Week 4 23.1.17

O2 have thoroughly enjoyed their maths learning this week.


On Monday, we began looking at division. We started by focusing on division as sharing, and used a variety of counting objects to help us share different amounts. Once we had completed this we were given a problem;  Beegu needed our help to share leaves with her alien friends on her home planet! We looked at different ways of sharing her leaves before drawing our calculations and writing each as a division number sentence. From this, we moved on to solving a variety of other division problems and made sure that we used the language of division as well as understanding why we needed to share each set of objects. Finally, we applied our new knowledge to problem solving in different ways and in different contexts.


In literacy this week, we continued to look at the use of speech marks by thinking about what Beegu may have said to her friends and family. We used speech bubbles and speech marks to explain her feelings and give reasons for her actions.


Towards the end of the week, we discovered that Beegu and her parents had lost their map of their journey home! We drew maps to show them the way and included landmarks that they might notice such as stars, comets and other planets. We then used these maps to write a set of directions guiding Beegu and her parents to their home planet. We made sure we used commands, numbers and descriptions of each landmark to ensure Beegu got home safely. Once we had written our instructions, we worked with our friends to improve them by reading them through and making changes if needed. We then wrote our finished versions ready for Beegu to use on her way home.


Our PSHE learning this week also was linked to ‘Beegu’, as we created freeze frames to show the emotions of the characters using our body language and facial expressions. We thought about the different emotions they would feel at different points in the story and explained the reasons for our expressions. In geography, we continued to look at the continents of the world and enjoyed recreating our own jigsaw puzzles to show where each continent is located.


Finally this week, we were invited to watch B1’s class assembly. We thought it was fantastic and we really enjoyed finding out about what they had learnt so far this term.


What an excellent week of learning!